Talking Gmail Reader is used to read your new messages on demand.

What can Talking Gmail Reader do?

  • Efficiently fetches all of your unread messages and reads them to you.
  • Easily configure the accounts to read.
  • Easily configure what to read, like sender name, brief overview or even the full message.
  • Filter your unread messages by label.
  • English / Spanish / Czech / German / Swedish / Russian / Italian / Polish / Hungarian / French localization.
  • Use volume keys to navigate through the messages.
  • Star or delete messages as you hear them.
  • Shortcut included to allow you to hear your messages anytime simply by pressing a button!
  • Easily configure the spoken messages.
  • Shake to stop reading and exit application.
  • Easily map acronyms to their longer meanings (i.e. 'ttyl' can be mapped to 'Talk to you later', etc).

For those of you looking for the ability to have your messages read as they arrive in your inbox, we direct you to the following app: Enhanced Gmail Assistant!

Plus lots of other configuration options for you to play with.
Download Talking Gmail Reader now from the Play Store!